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Organic (SEO) Vs. Sponsored (PPC)?

Organic search results is defined as your website coming up naturally within the search engine results vs Sponsored is when you pay for a preferred search engine placement.

Statistics Don't Lie

How many visitors are accessing your website from the search engines? Through our experienced team of SEO professionals, LeftLane offers quality Colorado Springs SEO to help get your site found!

Search Engine Marketing

Watch Your Budget - The Search Engines Want it!

If you are currently spending PPC marketing dollars towards Google, Yahoo, or Bing through PPC, Ad Placements, etc. We can guarantee that you are most likely spending 20-40% more than you should be for the results you are currently receiving. Search engines thrive on reaching your daily limit of funds and they do this by utilizing unrelevant keyword matches to your website.

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Manage Your Campaigns Weekly!

In many cases we can train you on how to optimize and maintain your PPC campaigns but LeftLane offers very competitive pricing structures to provide this service for you.

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